This is how we get your show under control. Your dedicated producer will guide you and your team and your presenters from idea through production into final broadcast. These are the angels of show production.

  • Dedicated Producer for each event.
  • Talent Scheduling
  • Pre-event Technical Coaching
  • Digital Asset management


If we capture pre-recorded segments, we can easily and quickly turn that raw footage into great segments to broadcast during your event or for use later in your social media campaigns.

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Professional Editing
  • Voice Overs

Motion Graphics

Add your brand look to any event.

  • Animated transitions between event segments
  • Your logo on screen.
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Speaker titles on screen “Lower-Thirds”
  • Custom scrolling Tickers
  • Include Social media feeds!

Live Production

This is the real deal, big-time event control room production. People on headsets calling cameras, counting in video rolls, switching to live reports. The whole deal This is SHOWCTRL.

  • Dedicated Show Producer to control the flow of your show.
  • Video Director calling the shots.
  • Audio Control to make sure everything sounds great.
  • Teleprompter Operator to keep your presenters on track.
  • Interactive elements with audience participation.


You want your attendees to see your show. We can stream anywhere, anytime.

  • YouTube Live, FacebookLive, Vimeo
  • Mixed live and pre-recorded segments.
  • Multiple platforms available for integration.


What do you do with all of this stuff after the show.

  • Provide you with the recoded video files.
  • Assist with additional editing to create nicely packaged information for social media.
  • Give access to all shared materials and presentations that we handled.